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How Health Centers Work

Health centers overcome geographic, cultural, linguistic, and other barriers to care by delivering coordinated and comprehensive primary and preventive services. This care reduces health disparities by emphasizing care management of patients with multiple health care needs and the use of key quality improvement practices, including health information technology.  

Most health centers receive Health Center Program federal grant funding to improve the health of underserved and vulnerable populations. Some health centers receive funding to focus on special populations including individuals and families experiencing homelessness, migratory and seasonal agricultural workers, and residents of public housing. The majority of health center operating funds come from Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, patient fees, and other resources.


Genesis Family Health provides Family practice services at all community health centers. Services include immunizations and vaccinations, the treatment of chronic illnesses and minor injuries, wellness and preventative care, behavioral health and substance abuse services, prenatal care, health education and routine laboratory work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not have insurance? Am I eligible to receive services?

All of our programs are designed to improve the lives and health status of individuals and families, thus building a stronger community, so if you do not have insurance you do not need to worry. Genesis offers a sliding fee discount for patients who are non-insured. Proof of income must be shown in order to qualify for discounted services.

Proof of Income include:

  1. Customary forms of income verification

  2. Income Tax Returns

  3. Pay Check Stubs

  4. Certified Statements from Employer

  5. Copy of Assistance Documentation


Family Size: Includes immediate family members residing with the responsible party and/or dependents of the responsible party that receive financial support as determined by income tax statements, custody journal entries, adoption papers, etc…  


What is a sliding fee scale?

Sliding scale fees are variable prices for services based on a patient’s ability to pay. Such fees are thereby reduced for those who have lower incomes, or alternatively, less money to spare after their personal expenses, regardless of income.

Please click on the link below to view our most current income guidelines.

Can I make payment agreement?

Yes, it is requested that the patients make an attempt to pay what they can on the day of service; then the payment agreement will be made.

What if I cannot make a payment on the day of my appointment?

You have the option to reschedule your appointment, or speak with our local Community Developer for further financial and other supporting services.

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