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Questions about getting a COVID-19 vaccination

If you have questions or concerns about COVID-19 or the vaccines, you are encouraged to visit with your health care provider to address those questions and concerns. 

Getting a COVID-19 vaccination near you

The COVID-19 vaccine is available by appointment at Genesis Family Health.  To schedule an appointment to get vaccinated or boosted, call the Genesis Family Health clinic nearest you.  


The vaccines and boosters are also available at most local health care providers and county health providers.  In addition, many local pharmacies also provide the vaccines. Visit  or call 1-800-232-0233 to find out where you can get a COVID-19 vaccination or booster in your community.

Genesis Family Health continues to partner with community health coalitions, county health departments, local hospitals and clinics and businesses and industries to offer public vaccination clinics.  These clinics are free to the public and no appointment is necessary. Your COVID-19 vaccination card is required to receive the second dose of the vaccine or a booster.

Fast Facts about COVID-19 vaccines

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

  • COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.  Millions of people in the United States have safely received COVID-19 vaccines under the most intense safety and monitoring in U.S. History.

  • COVID-19 vaccines will not give you COVID-19 because they do not contain the live COVID-19 virus.

  • Vaccination provides a strong boost in protection in people who have recovered from COVID. If you have already recovered from COVID-19, while rare, it's possible to be re-infected.

  • People who have gotten sick with COVID-19 after vaccination still benefit from getting vaccinated.  In fact, COVID-19 associated hospitalizations were 9x higher in adults over the age 18 that were not vaccinated vs. adults that were vaccinated.

  • Receiving an mRNA vaccine will not alter or affect your DNA in any way.

 Visit the CDC’s resource page for extensive information about regarding COVID-19 vaccination facts and myths.


Getting vaccinated and staying up to date on your COVID-19 vaccination is the safest way to protect yourself and others from getting COVID-19.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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